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Red Triangle industry soda ash
productApplication£ºSoda ash£¬the so-called¡°mother of chemical industry¡±£¬is a kind of basic chemical raw materials widely used in chemical industry and galss making£¬textile£¬petroleum£¬metallurgical£¬building materials£¬pharmaceutical£¬etc.

Quality standard£ºstandard GB 210¡«92.
Na2Co3 content of the high grade is 99.2% min; Na2Co3 content of the first grade is 98.8% min; Na2Co3 content of qualified product is 98.0% min.

certificateAppearance£ºsoda ash light is white fine power£»soda ash dense is reproduced by soda ash light£¬appearance is white grain£¬its density is bigger than that of soda ash light.

soda ash light: net weight 40kg/bag, gross weight 40.15kg/bag.
soda ash dense: net weight 50kg/bag, 1000kg/bag;gross weight 50.13kg/bag, 1002.5kg/bag.

Packing bag: pp woven bag with pe inner (for foreign trade)or pp woven bag with pe outside coating (for domestic trade).

Mark: domestic trade soda ash is in chinese£»foreign trade soda ash is in English.
The condition of obtaining the certificate from the domestic or overseas institution and organization. Reference:
The name of domestic or overseas institution and organization
Certificated item
The ¡í of the certificate
Jiangsu Province Technological and Supervisory Bureau
Adopting international Standard product marking certificate
Jiangsu Standard Bureau
Product adopting international standard and overseas advanced standard qualified certificate
Jiangsu Province Planning and Economic Committee
Certificate for Jiangsu famous brand product
China Technological and Supervisory Bureau
Certificate for perfecting the system of inspection measurement and test
(97)Liang qi(guo)zi
¡í 171
Chemical Industry
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